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 The best known plant Kyrgyzskoy: Greig tulips, tulips Kaufman Kolpakovsky tulips, edelweiss, the Tien Shan fir, spruce, Semenov, juniper (Juniperus).

 The most common were spruce, juniper and walnut orchards. Spruce, maple, willow poplar, birch and Tien Shan mountain ash grow everywhere.

 The forests of walnut, cover an area of more than 600,000 hectares (the largest walnut forests in the world - from walnut, apple, pear, cherry, plum, currant and raspberry bushes dominated), in southeastern Kyrgyzstan in the Fergana and Chatkal ridges on thealtitudes of 1000 to 2200 meters.

 In alpine meadows (altitude 3000 meters) grow edelweiss, dandelion, Alpine Aster, Semenov onion and primroses. Edelweiss is not as rare as in Europe, and the dandelions are growing like weeds. At certain times of the year, overhead with blooming poppies and tulips are covered. About 5 miles south of the village Jets-Oguz valley of flowers from May to early summer bloom flames set with poppies. Often there are yurts, where you can sleep for the rest.


Kyrgyzstansky trekking: round 005
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Activities: Trekking Round
Duration: 16 days

First day: 8:00 in the morning was made. Wednesday of each day is devoted friend, a visit of the shepherds, and some travel as acclimatization and performance practice. Kara Koyu Camp in Kyrgyzstan. 19:00 Dinner is submitted.
Second Day: The day starts with an early morning after going about 20 km from Tash Rabat to the Ak Sai Pass the valley and Ak Tash and beautiful Lake Chatyr Ch in Kyrgyzstan. The adjusted Ak Tash camp in the valley in Kyrgyzstan.
Third day: Trekking tour and travel to travel the length of Ak Tash as the 25-35 km Keltebek River and through the Ken Kok Suu Aigyr. Ken Suu our camp around the snow mountains. Will spend night in tents.
Day 4: We travel on foot Chet Ichke Suu Suu Ken and crossing the river Kashkaval Tash. To say about River Muzdabas camp. Will spend night in tents.
5th day: 8:00 in the morning was made. Travel Muzdabas walk, traveling 35-40km through Bordu Kosh Kol alpine lake (3355 m). We spend nights there pond. 19:00 Dinner is submitted.
Day 6: Trekking tour to make a trip and travel down to Kosh Kol Ruver. In the afternoon, we go forward to the river and Uzun Bulak Koiluu Suu. Dinner in an organized manner. The camp will Kainar River.
Day 7: 8:00 in the morning was made. Walk the Koiluu Suu our trekking tour , 35-40km of Fire Ashuu Pass (3400 m) and Kundu Suu. What is Kainar camp along the river. Will spend night in tents.
Day 8: Kainar spend the morning in the bank, occupying time to wash and clean. In the afternoon we take a free trip without preparing the mountains and come back to the camp. 19:00 Dinner is submitted.
9th day: 8:00 in the morning was made. The trekking tour trip to River Kainar an advanced 35-40km of the River and River Balyktu Bashy. We set camp in nearby River Bashy. Will spend night in tents.
Day 10: Trekking tour to the Uhlan-Batorsky Pass (3791 m), a trip to a pre-Bashy Batorsky Uhlan of the river, and then cross.
Day 11: Trekking tour and travel to make my way to the Uhlan-Batorsky Pass trekking tour ahead of us flask Kok, Pass (3993 m), crossing the river to the camp Flask Kok To say Karakol river. Will spend night in tents.
Day 12: The day begins shipping in Karakol River River Jailoo a way to dinner. Before our time Chakyr Camp Pass. 19:00 Dinner is submitted.
Day 13: After a nice breakfast we start trekking tour on a round-ranging Chakyr Pass (3882 m) 35 km and Joe Juro Kara-Suu river. Will spend night in tents.
Day 14: In the morning 8:00 filed. We are a trekking tour , 30-40km of the Kara Suu Pass (4001 m) in the valley, our camp for dinner in a fiery way. The dinner and suddenly is 19:00 tents.
Day 15: The day starts with a round of transportation trekking tour to the Valley of the fiery pastor Kara Sai small village, where he remains in the house of a family.
Day 16: a driver meet you at the hotel and accompany you to Manas Airport.

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