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Kyrgyzstan trekkingTour 1
Country: Kyrgyzstan
Trekking tour
Time of the tour: 7 days

Places to visit: Bishkek - Chon Kemin valley - Chong Kyzyl Suu - Gorge Jukuchak - Pass Jukka - Chokoli Lakes - Syrthe Ak-Shirak - gorge Barskaun

You are about to find the blissfully quiet place in our hectic world you were looking for in a delightful land of Kyrgyzstan. All of us being children dreamt of different things. If you have ever wanted of travelling somewhere in wild nature, among gorges, mountains and alpine lakes, this tour is right for you. This is going to be an unforgettable experinece where you will not only see different kinds of mountains and the world's second largest celestial lake, but also experience of the traditional nomads life while hiking along the Great Silk Road!


Kyrgyzstan trekkingTour 2
Country: Kyrgyzstan
Trekking tour
Time of the tour: 13 days

Places to visit: Bishkek - Chon Kemin valley - Tamga - Barskoon gorge - Dunguromo Pass - Dugurotmo gorge - Chokolu Lake - Zauka Pass - Dzukuu gorge - Ashu Kashka Suu gorge - Ashu Tor Pass - Jukuchak gorge - Orto Bulak Pass - Kichi Kyzyl Suu gorge - Chon Kyzyl Suu gorge - Jili Suu - Kok Dzhayyk Pass - Jeti Oguz gorge - Karakol - Kochkor - Bishkek

A country of hospitality! Wild and severe! Great nomadic style trip, unforgettable experience! 
If you are tired of civilization there is a great opportunity to feel the freedom of mind. You will have a trekking tour to enjoy uninjured nature of mountainous Kyrgyzstan and to visit a number of lakes of uncontaminated shining water. During the journey you will learn about Kyrgyz traditions, customs and culture, because the Kyrgyz being nomads for thousand years succeeded to keep all their amazing traditions and customs to these days.


Kyrgyzstan trekkingTour 3
Country: Kyrgyzstan
Trekking tour
Time of the tour: 7 days

Places to visit: Bishkek - Karakol - Mokraya Polyana - Eastern Irdik Lake - Western Irdik Lake - Karakol - Kochkor - Bishkek

Our company works in order to help you to explore Kyrgyzstan, such a unique country lying in the heart of the Tian-Shan Mountains. It is a place of unimaginable contrasts offering multitude of spectacular landscapes: wide steppes, emerald fields, sandy deserts, turquoise lakes, snowy mountains, fast rivers, an richness of wild life with many rare and rare species, historical and archeological places related to the Great Silk Road and people following the traditions of their nomadic ancestors. All this makes Kyrgyzstan "A second Switzerland of Central Asia".

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