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 Access to and quality of education have been treated by other programs such as the President, the program "Human Resources XXI Century" (1995), National Poverty Reduction Program "Araket" (1998), "Ayalzat" (1997), "New Generation" ( 2001), the National Action Plan "Education for All" (2002), the National Poverty Reduction Strategy (2003), "etc. Ail Mektebi (Village School)" (2003),


Apart from the purely educational programs in the country there are a number of special programs, including sections on the improvement of basic education, educational and recreational activities of children and youth. This is a government program "Ayalzat", "Healthy Nation", "TB", "Kiz-Ball", the national program for prevention of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV / AIDS, etc.

Rather balanced policy of educational reform in a very short time, the national education system:

• the stability of the education system to maintain;

• Set a variety of educational programs at all levels of education;

• suggestions for alternate forms and new learning technologies;

• achieve multi-channel financing of educational institutions.

The key elements of the education system in the period 1992 to 2004 were as follows.