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Greetings from Central Asia! 

Meet the excellent tour in Tajikistan! Our dear travelers will be able to get an incredibly interesting tour of the beautiful places of the Great Silk Road. You will have the opportunity to take many vivid photos and walk along the ancient tracks. Every day you spend with us will give strength and desire for new adventures. Our tours are designed for your comfort. Travel to Tajikistan and conquer the unique nature!

Let's make your dreams come true!

Tours in Tajikistan: Tour 1
5 days
Itinerary in short: Explore the land of Great Silk Road. This tour offers an excellent choice of visiting old cities full of rich culture and traditions. Our travelers will achieve stunning holidays and joy. More...

Tours in Tajikistan: Tour 1, Tours in Tajikistan

Tours in Tajikistan: Tour 2
7 days
Itinerary in short: Tajikistan is ready to see dear travelers on a tour. Every day of this amazing trip will bring only bright emotions. See all impressive place and capture incredible pictures on this tour. More...

Tours in Tajikistan: Tour 2, Tours in Tajikistan

Tours in Tajikistan: Tour 3
9 days
Itinerary in short: This tour will present vivid feelings and provide opportunity to admire sites and highlights of ancient settlements. Just try your luck and travel in Tajikistan for better holidays. More...

Tours in Tajikistan: Tour 3, Tours in Tajikistan 

Tours in Tajikistan: Tour 4
4 days
Itinerary in short: Plunge in oriental atmosphere of great nature and take inspiration of rich flora and fauna. On this tour it is pleasure to see one of the famous places and open new opportunities of travelling. More...

Tours in Tajikistan: Tour 4, Tours in Tajikistan

Tours in Tajikistan: Tour 5
6 days
Itinerary in short: Come to see magnificent places of Tajikistan. This tour will amaze you by ancient cities full of mysterious highlights. Every day spent with our professional team will bring only happy moments. More...

Tours in Tajikistan: Tour 5, Tours in Tajikistan

Tours in Tajikistan: Tour 6
6 days
Itinerary in short: Being on a tour in Tajikistan travelers will plunge in the atmosphere of oriental style. Walking along narrow streets you will enjoy beautiful views of buildings and unique nature. More...

Tours in Tajikistan: Tour 6, Tours in Tajikistan

Tours in Tajikistan: Tour 7
6 days
Itinerary in short: We are glad to see you in Tajikistan. On this tour you will have a chance to see incredible beauty of interesting nature and take many vibrant photos. Everyone will be impressed by its magnificent look. More...

Tours in Tajikistan: Tour 7, Tours in Tajikistan

Tours in Tajikistan: Tour 8
8 days
Itinerar in short: It is pleasure to see our happy travelers on this impressive tour around sites and highlights of Tajikistan. You will have an opportunity for hiking and walk along sandy roads with rich history. More...

Tours in Tajikistan: Tour 8, Tours in Tajikistan


You will remember the tour to Tajikistan for a long time since you can enjoy the incredible beauty of the steep and rocky mountains of one of the Central Asian countries. During the tour you will learn much more in the mountains of Pamir and Fann. The tops of them exceed 7,000 meters and are always covered with snow.

The history of Tajikistan is long and in full you can see not only spectacular landscapes but also monuments of ancient stories that were witnesses of many historical events. So you will find out that the country was the settlements of earliest empires like Achamaenid, Sasanian, Samanid and many others. In course of the tour you will learn that during Timurid invasions, there were restored some of the ancient cities which were destroyed by Gengiz Khan such as Khuhand, Istaravshan, Penjakent and Dushanbe.

In addition, you will be surprised that among the countries of Central Asia, Tajikistan is the only people who speak Farsi. Do not miss the opportunity to visit Tajikistan's famous tourist attractions such as Iskanderkul lake, Seven Lakes, Norek reservoir, Pamir Highway, meet the Wakhi people in Khorog, Ishkoshim, Murgab and other villages in Wakhan Corridor. Tours to these sights will show you the beauty of the country.

During the travel you study the culture and traditions of the peoples of the world and we are happy to help you learn not only the people of Tajikistan but also Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan and enjoy your grand Silk Road Tour!