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Welcome to Kyrgyzstan! The land of mountains!

Our company is glad to see dear travelers in Kyrgyzstan. Every day spent with us will charm not only with the nature of rich flora and fauna but also with delicious food and hospitality. On tours in Kyrgyzstan your desires will be fulfilled and you wish to travel here again. Tours organized by the best managers of our company will not leave anyone indifferent. So do not miss the chance and come here for new sensations. This is a unique chance to get inspiration from experience on a tour.

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Tours in Kyrgyzstan: Tour 1
5 days
Itinerary in short: Get a great tour of the country of the highest mountains! This is an opportunity to visit the most beautiful places and take many interesting photos! You will definitely enjoy it and come here again! More...

Tours in Kyrgyzstan: Tour 1, Tours in Kyrgyzstan
Tours in Kyrgyzstan: Tour 2
7 days
Itinerary in short: It is time for an amazing tour of Kyrgyzstan. Our travelers will get acquainted with the beautiful nature of the most unique mountains and will remember their journey for a long time. Do not miss this chance! More...

Tours in Kyrgyzstan: Tour 2, Tours in Kyrgyzstan

Tours in Kyrgyzstan: Tour 3
9 days
Itinerary in short: On this tour, our dear travelers will get acquainted with the most interesting places of the rich nature of flora and fauna. This will be one of the most memorable tours. Travel in Kyrgyzstan! More...

Tours in Kyrgyzstan: Tour 3, Tours in Kyrgyzstan

Tours in Kyrgyzstan: Tour 4
6 days
Itinerary in short: Everyone on this tour will have an opportunity to get acquainted with ancient sites and highlights. On this tour guests will achieve maximum pleasure and desire to come here again and again. More...

Tours in Kyrgyzstan: Tour 4, Tours in Kyrgyzstan

Tours in Kyrgyzstan: Tour 5
6 days
Itinerary in short: Kyrgyzstan is happy to see you in this outstanding tour. Travelers will have a chance to walk around wonderful settlements and immerse in the beauty of rich nature and scenery. More...

Tours in Kyrgyzstan: Tour 5, Tours in Kyrgyzstan

Tours in Kyrgyzstan: Tour 6
6 days
Itinerary in short: Plunge in beauty of high passes and get chance to see magnificent beauty of mountains. We are sure you will like it. All your dreams over here will come true. It is worth travelling in Kyrgyzstan. More...

Tours in Kyrgyzstan: Tour 6, Tours in Kyrgyzstan

Tours in Kyrgyzstan: Tour 7
8 days
Itinerary in short: Our company is glad to provide special tour along Kyrgyzstan. Explore stunning places and learn more about ancient sites and highlights. Travelers will get satisfaction on journey. More...

Tours in Kyrgyzstan: Tour 7, Tours in Kyrgyzstan

Tours in Kyrgyzstan: Tour 8
8 days
Itinerary in short: See one of the most visited places in Kyrgyzstan. Everyday spent on this tour will present only bright emotions and desire to explore more places of wonder. Here your travel mood will be high. More...

Tours in Kyrgyzstan: Tour 8, Tours in Kyrgyzstan



The picturesque country of Kyrgyzstan is famous for the fact that nature looks fabulous. You can't but notice the pristine beauty of nature that will conquer all who have ever been to Kyrgyzstan. The tour will allow you to learn a lot of new things about the old and the culture of the people who still honor their traditions. Kyrgyzstan is located in Central Asia and covers an area of ​​198, 5 square kilometers. Despite its small size, this is a piece of beautiful nature and interesting traditions. In addition to this, it will also be interesting for you to know that Kyrgyzstan would be one of the countries that connected China with the Western World due to the Great Silk Road.

During the tours you can also visit such memorable and history-preserving places as Tash Rabat caravanserai, Balasagyn, Suyab, Navekat, Osh, Kyzyl Korgon and many others to travel. You can visit them during the tour. People of Kyrgyzstan carry a history of more than 2,000 years and have amazing traditions and customs, preserved to these days. In addition to this, you will also be surprised to learn that the great Tien Shan mountainous system, 2/3 of which taking place on its territory. The journey will allow you to see the wealth of the country as lakes as Issyk Kul, the largest alpine and most beautiful in Central Asia, Son Kul located at the altitude of 3, 016 meters, Sary Chelek with amazing flora and fauna. Kyrgyzstan is the best choice if you want to enjoy the majestic mountains, panorama views, picturesque passes and countless rivers with crystal clear rivers.

While traveling in Kyrgyzstan, you can also see the capital city, Ala Archa gorge, Issyk Kul lake, Son Kul lake, where you can sleep in yurts and meet nomads, ancient Osh city with a history of 3,000 years, Arslanbob, the world's largest walnut forest and dozens of other wonderful places.

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