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It is happiness to see our guests on Kazakhstan tour!

Kazakhstan is a country worth visiting. Our travelers will get vivid emotions and visit the most popular places and take a bunch of photos on tours. Here you will have the opportunity to learn more about historical monuments, visit the lakes and of course walk along the highest slopes. This will be one of the best holidays. Kazakhstan will give you only new experience and desire for inspiration. You just need to travel here and see everything with your own eyes on a tour.

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Tours in Kazakhstan: Tour 1
5 days
Itinerary in short: Get impression from interesting tour around magnificent Kazakhstan. On this tour you will have opportunity to see ancient sites and highlights as well as hike around lakes. It is worth it! More...

Tours in Kazakhstan: Tour 1, Tours in Kazakhstan

Tours in Kazakhstan: Tour 2
7 days
Itinerary in short: We hope you will be satisfied on this tour and desire to come here again and again. Every day spent with a high quality of service will allow travelers see one of the most visited places in Kazakhstan. More...

Tours in Kazakhstan: Tour 2, Tours in Kazakhstan 

Tours in Kazakhstan: Tour 3
9 days
Itinerary in short: Welcome to the country of fine nature! Kazakhstan will inspire travelers by interesting sites and highlights on this tour. Here is possible to get acquainted with ancient settlements and take pictures! More...

Tours in Kazakhstan: Tour 3, Tours in Kazakhstan


Tours in Kazakhstan: Tour 4
4 days
Itinerary in short: Immerse in beauty of outstanding Kazakhstan and learn more about history and development of modern country. Travelers will enjoy tour and take many interesting photos of the unique nature. More...

Tours in Kazakhstan: Tour 4, Tours in Kazakhstan

Tours in Kazakhstan: Tour 5 
5 days
Itinerary in short: We are glad to impress you by incredible tour in modern Kazakhstan. Guests will have an idea to walk along magnificent nature and capture beautiful moments on this amazing tour. More...

Tours in Kazakhstan: Tour 5, Tours in Kazakhstan 

Tours in Kazakhstan: Tour 6
5 days
Itinerary in short: Kazakhstan is always ready to provide memorable tour and attract travelers by rich nature and high mountain passes. Take a chance and explore wonderful nature by with our company. More...

Tours in Kazakhstan: Tour 6, Tours in Kazakhstan 

Tours in Kazakhstan: Tour 7
6 days
Itinerary in short: Have safe holidays and explore magnificent places of modern Kazakhstan. Travelers will have chance to walk along gorges, immerse in beauty of nature and take many photos. More...

Tours in Kazakhstan: Tour 7, Tours in Kazakhstan

Tours in Kazakhstan: Tour 8
6 days
Itinerary in short: Take pleasure roaming around high passes, lakes, gorges and so on. Every day will be full of bright emotions and desire to capture the mother nature. It is worth travelling in Kazakhstan! More...

Tours in Kazakhstan: Tour 8, tours in Kazakhstan 


A tour to Kazakhstan allows you to learn a lot about the country, the area of ​​which takes 9th place in the world and is also the largest among the countries of Central Asia. Kazakhstan is a developing country economy which grows faster than other post-Soviet countries. Despite the fact that steppes and semi-deserts occupy a large territory of Kazakhstan, you can see many cultural and architectural monuments of great value for the country's history. In addition to this, you can also see the famous Tien Shan Mountains, the highest of which on the territory of Kazakhstan makes 7, 010 meters.

During the tour you can travel to some of the most visited places for its beauty like Altyn Emel with singing dunes, Kolsai and Kaindy Lakes with emerald green water, Charyn canyons similar to the famous Grand canyons, Tamgaly Tas with ancient Buddhist inscriptions, and Borovoye natural reserve with spectacular hills and several lakes and many others. In addition, you will also be glad to know that you will have the opportunity to visit the Central State Museum, Museum of Musical Instruments, Kok Tobe hill, Medeo gorge and the largest ski resort of Central Asia, Shymbulak, Turkestan, Otrar.

The people of Kazakhstan will surprise you with the culture and traditions of the nomadic people. Do not miss the opportunity to see the history of the Central Asian countries as Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, or Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. Silk Road tour is a real adventure with our a help!