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 - Development of textbooks and teaching aids to new state standards, curricula and programs are based, by taking into account the age and sex characteristics children. Creating a system of educational books and distribution of educational materials, improving the examination and testing of educational publications, including in electronic form, for all levels of education;


- Rationalization of schools, teaching aids and educational technology (audio-visual education and training) in the child's development and how to adapt to the modern information space;

- Computerization of schools, bringing the number of computer school in the amount of one computer for 50 students;

- The creation of a telecommunications network, providing a single educational information environment;

- Develop a national textbook-based learning, personal and social skills with gender equality, ethnic integration;

- Development of indicators to determine the quality of school textbooks;

Aligned improve the education of children with special needs through the development of projects of schools and further education institutions in the training of students -;


Kyrgyzstansky trekking: round 002
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Activities: Trekking Round
Duration: 11 days

First Day: Arrival at the international airport Manas in Kyrgyzstan. The meeting was the driver and transfer to your hotel. After dinner there is a choice to have or run city tour, which includes the main administrative center of Bishkek, the historical museum, shops for a gift and the market, or you can go to a trekking tour for days to Wing Gorge Archa which makes the 45-km distance Bishkek. You will have dinner in the open field and transported back to Bishkek. After dinner, night in hotel.
Second day: in the morning you will start the journey on foot in Bishkek Jety Oguz valley in Kyrgyzstan. Breakfast is served. Early morning transfer down Jety-Oguz valley (370 km) along the shore of Issyk-kulskogo lakes. Dinner. The trekking tour makes a trip and travel to the beautiful red rocks known names "Seven Bulls" and a "broken heart". Body Kymyz (an excited mare milk). Dinner in an organized manner. The layout of the yurt camp. The dinner in the "Valley of Flowers". (2200 m).
Third Day of Trekking tour excursion to the Valley Jety Oguz and Pass Tilety in Kyrgyzstan. Breakfast is served. The Shepherd of the trekking tour 16 km Tilety Pass. Dinner. The tent camp layout. After dinner, night in tents. (3200 m).
4th day: in the morning you will start to travel on foot and then pass Tilety Karakol Gorge. Breakfast is served. Three hours of trekking tour around a crossing Tilety Pass (3800 m) leads us to Karakol Gorge. Dinner. Along the 10-mile trip to an ancient nomadic tent camp along the way nomads rest stops. Dinner.
5th day: After breakfast, tour of Karakol Gorge. Breakfast is served. Shorter trips of 8 km from Karakol Gorge is a refuge camp. Dinner in an organized manner. After dinner, night in tents.
Day 6: In the morning you will start your trip and travel from Karakol Gorge walking Gorge Keldyke. Breakfast is served. Walking tours of the mountain Kryla-Kul Lake (3600 m), which is more than 70 meters deep and unparalleled beauty. Whether we see a beautiful glacier lake, the lake is a source. A tour to the password -Kul (3860 m) to Keldyke Gorge. Dinner. From Pass, 5000 meters high peak representing this Terskey - including Karakol peak, peak to peak Djigit Tashtanbek. The camp will be waiting in the tent worthy of beautiful spots around the rocks from which streams from multiple glaciers. The night will be held in tents.
7th Day: After breakfast we will be trekking tour and travel to the Karakol Gorge Keldyke. Four-hour trip to take Altyn-Arashi (2,450 m). Dinner. The bath in the hot springs. You will never forget the snow kind Peak Palatka (Tent, 5260 m), or the Association of the Nest "Swallow" was held under the open sky. Pass the Karakol (2 hours) in the afternoon. The night will be held in tents Karakol.
Day 8: In the morning you will start your tour to Karakol and walk north shore of Issyk Kul. Breakfast is served. Transfer to Issyk-kulskomu Resort along the north shore of Issyk Kul Lake (160 km). The night will be held in tents.
9th day: After breakfast walk round Issyk Kul. Breakfast is served. Day tour Issyk Kul. The rest float by in a boat Issyk Kul. Visitings and ethnographic museum. Dinner. The night was organized in Hotel Issykl-Kul.
10th day: breakfast. Pass to Bishkek (250 km). In a sense, visit Burana tower in the ancient city Balasagyn (11 - 13 s' century). Dinner. The layout of the hotel. After dinner, the evening is Bishkek.
Day 11: the driver sits in the hotel, and you will at Manas International Airport.

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Kyrgyzstan and tours

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