Silk Road Tours

Silk Road Tours

Explore the land of magnificent nature!

Welcome to an unforgettable Silk Road tour! Explore the five ancient countries of Central Asia on a tour. Your journey will bring new sensations and a desire to stay here for a while. Each guest will get a new experience walking along the ancient traces of man. We will be sure that you will like it on your travel. This is so beautiful nature, mountains, rivers, lakes, gorges and much more will not leave anyone indifferent! Five countries of the Silk Road will win your hearts! You just have to try a chance of travelling here and you won't regret it! Our team is sure to help you with Silk Road tour!

Silk Road Tours: Tour 1
8 days
Itinerary in short: Silk Road Tours are made for those who are in love with Central Asia. On this tour you will visit two impressive countries and learn more about ancient highlights. It will not leave you indifferent. More...

Silk Road Tours: Tour 1, Silk Road tours

Silk Road Tours: Tour 2
12 days
Itinerary in short: Time to explore remains of Silk Road with our professional team. Travelers will have a chance to walk along sacred places and take many interesting photos with rich flora and fauna. More...

Silk Road Tours: Tour 2, Silk Road tours

Silk Road Tours: Tour 3
20 days
Itinerary in short: Our company has prepared the longest as well as interesting tour around Silk Road. Every day spend with us will present only bright feelings and desire to travel here again and again. More...

Silk Road Tours: Tour 3, Silk Road tours 


We will be happy to help you organize a tour of the countries of Central Asia which, when connecting China and the West, thanks to the Great Silk Road. During the tour you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature and the historical buildings of the countries of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan.

Do not miss the opportunity to travel the most famous places on the tour like the picturesque landscapes of Kyrgyzstan, the Roof of the World of Tajikistan, fabulous Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan that combines historical monuments and modern technologies and the Door to Hell of Turkmenistan. It's time to see the history of ancient sights that preserved to this day. You will have an incredible number of stops to check out the beauty of the Silk Road tour. Travel with us to see the famous sights of each country. We will create all the conditions for a comfortable stay during the tour. You will enjoy the magnificent beauty of countries where the Great Silk Road passed.