Kyrgyzstan vessels

For the mounds of the Tien Shan is remarkable especially n this singularity funeral rites, as the manufacture of special vessels GOVERNMENTAL (ritual) to be placed in the burial. They are distinguished by their very tiny forms, though often made rude, careless, almost burnt.
In the grave they laid not only the ritual vessels, or just the usual life-size, almost never combining them. Thus, in the burial mound 16 Keden, le along the shoulder of the buried Vågå were four such ritual suck yes: the pot, and three flat bowls (bowls), two of them were put into one another. In mound 44 nai Dena five tiny, almost the same, painted with ships.
The most prominent burial Basquiat I, and not only among the mounds of the Tien Shan, but the entire territory of Kyrgyzstan. In four of the 12 mounds excavated here nai Dena vessels (15 copies). And iron knives. All the vessels of the ceramic collections were miniature forms - such as cups or pialushek, gray, not deification. They were not in the pit, or recess, and on the edge of the grave or on the high pristupkah on the north side, 3, 4 or 5 copies. Such an arrangement of vessels is not mentioned anywhere else in the territory of Kyrgyzstan, but it is known in the mounds of Fergana.
Other accompanying equipment are small in number. This is mainly fragments of iron knives, rarely entire form, found in grave 21, often close to blood vessels. In two cases (from the excavations of A. Bernshtam) found a bronze knives. A few more items from jewelry. Thus, it is found of various beads of pasta, a stack la, carnelian 145 copies., Multiple instances of earrings, rings, pins are rare finds of bronze bracelets, a wire GOVERNMENTAL and bone ornamented objects (?), Just 3 specimens. found stone and bronze mirrors nye surmatashi. From housewares items, except ke ramicheskih vessels and found five knives and a stone spindles HYDRATED touchstone. Objects are represented by only two weapons arrowheads: bronze and iron.