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Day 1 in Bishkek which is the capital of Kyrgyzstan , and a hotel with them in the future. The tour starts with a strengthening breakfast. A lunch. Suddenly the hotel.
Day 2 is Shamsy canyon of Kyrgyzstan. See Burana Tower. Lunch on the travel way. It devours trekking tour. A lunch. Suddenly tent.
Day 3 of the trek tour after breakfast with a Tuuk. A camp. Suddenly tent.
A 4-day trekking tour through Tuuk 3700 m Bezymianny to row A trekking passes. Lake Kel-rocky-top landing. Suddenly tent.
Day 5 rest day of tour. A valley glacier trek. Suddenly tent.
Day 6 This day starts with a strengthening breakfast. A Polosaty trekking through the UPR 3560 m. Kegety for the trip down the river to a club. Suddenly tent.
Day 7: A trekking tour down through the valley of spring to the first Atjaloo in Kyrgyzstan. Suddenly tent.
Mainok River Day 8 - After breakfast trek Tuuk and then to Kok. Meeting with the car. A camp. Suddenly tent.
Mainok river valley below the transition from day 9 - You will Kok. A lunch. Suddenly tent.
Day 10 Father Valley - Issyk-down trekking, trekking tour on a pass-Cona partake. Suddenly tent.
Trekup top of Issyk-Ata Valley Day 11 You will Badwey. A trek down to the river western glaciers. Suddenly tent.
Day 12 mountain Issyk - Ata River Ashu - The Rocky at the top of the glacier. Lunch on the travel way. Suddenly tent.
Day 13 of a trekking tour Issyk - Ata Pass 3964 meters. Try one of the tents Alamedin 4023 m.
Day 14 Rocky Top feed - you will be less gold for the pilgrimage. Rocky at the top of the flow of glaciers - After lunch, walk through Golden. A camp. Suddenly tent.
Day 15 Salyk They will go to the Valley of kyrgyzstan. After lunch trekking to the Valley Salyk. Suddenly tent.
Day 16 Low Hot Springs is a trek tour. Lunch on the travel way. Association of Natural Mineral, Hot Springs swimming. The organization of this chalet. Suddenly tent.
Day 17 The tour starts with a strengthening breakfast. Try Bishkek. A lunch. Suddenly the hotel.
Day 18 Your tour guide to accompany you to the hotel, and will be able to Manas International Airport.



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