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Kyrgyzstan tour and trip

19th May of the Pentagon press office reported before that the "rebels" have begun a daring attack on a major U.S. military at Bagram avibazu, with rockets, grenades and small arms fire.The day, a group of terrorists - attacked a suicide bomber a U.S. military convoy Kabul. This is only the surface facts reported. Unclear whether these rebels actually hired some of the thousands of recent armed locals Arif Noorzai in public Defense Initiative or the Afghans really is resistance against the American occupation. Also unclear was whether the acceptance of the Taliban appear responsible for the attacks just an attempt stronger than they appear in the eyes of Afghans.

The Pentagon has known for the use of private contractors in Afghanistan, where the law can not act, the U.S. armed forces. The privatization of war, if you will. Recent revelations in "The New York Times" extensively carry on the secret and illegal use of the Pentagon to private military contractors under the auspices of Lockheed Corporation with names such as "Strategic Influence Alternatives" (sic) or "American International Security Corporation" You covert operations in eastern Afghanistan and Pakistan border. Such a network of Afghan and Pakistani mercenaries allegedly by former CIA veteran Duane "Dewey" Clarridge, the CIA counter-terrorism expert, who controlled a major role in the operations of the CIA with the Nicaraguan "Contras" and drug trafficking in the played 1980 years.


Kyrgyzstansky trekking: round 006
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Activities: Trekking Round
Duration: 15 days

First days: the first day of our tour begins as Kara Sai of Kyrgyzstan leadership. Kara Sai Village of Kyrgyzstan filled day. Day tour spent to get to know the local village of shepherds, and make a trip to the horses.
Day 2: We will be trekking tour and travel  30km round 25 of the Kyr Tash Kara Sai Lake in Kyrgyzstan and set camp there. After dinner, night in tents.
Third Day: After breakfast we start the round tour with a superb trekking and Kyr Tash, going 25-30km through the valley before opening Besh Moin Yshtyk Canyon. 19:00 Dinner is submitted.
4th Day: Today is a freely without trekking round tour and travel , prepare Yshtyk through the Canyon Canyon Baralbas Boz Jalpa in the valley and back to the camp Yshtyk Canyon.
Day 5: Today we have a trekking round tour and travel total of 25-30km βξηγλΰβλενθε Yshtyk Canyon to visit the shelter of the shepherd of the food, and the next afternoon we Kyr Tash camp in the valley. The dinner must be made this way. 19:00 Dinner is submitted. Night will be held in tents.
Day 6: Trekking tour to the Kyr us trekking Tash, 25-30km through the Kara Sai River, AK Bell Pass and along the river to our camp Taragai.
7th Day: We will be trekking tour 30km brief 25 Ara Lake Bell in the Valley of Rocky Top Today Jashyl ​​Kol Lake. After dinner, night in tents.
Day 8: We have a trekking round tour , 25-30km through Juuku Pass (3663 m) section of the charming mountain lake. We set camp Chong Tash "Big Stone" Juuku Valley.
9th Day: Today is a trekking round tour , 25-30km across the river and merge Juuku Juuku and Kashka Suu rivers. Spending time with the shepherds in their own camp in the yurt.
10th Day: We will be trekking in the round tour of 25 to 30km down the valley Juuku Jyluu Suu Hot Springs for that purpose, where they can enjoy the natural hot springs in a bathroom. After dinner, night in tents.
11th Day: After breakfast we start the trekking tour in the magnificent Jyluu Suu, going 25-30km through the valley of the Chychkan Bashy Kyzylsky Sai and Blow River Valley Bulak devocalization representations of Lake Issyk-Kulsky one way. Kok, Pass Camp Bell. 19:00 Dinner is submitted. Night will be held in tents.
12th Day: What is trekking tour , 25-30km pass on to our next camp Kok Bell Tereksky Valley Ak. After dinner, night in tents.
Day 13: Today, the circle is a mechanism for free without trekking tour across Tereksky River and Ak Glacier Mongu, then loop back to the base camp of the Ak Terek.
14th Day: We will be trekking 30km round 25 Bulak Kok River Valley and kind Kichi Jargylchak the river. After dinner, night in tents.
Day 15: last day of our trip will be ready for a trip to Sary Bulak and Chong Jargylchak Rivers Barskoon back with a hot bath. After dinner in the evening waiting for a private house.

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