Kyrgyzstan graves

Seven graves were found paired burial in one of them - two teenagers in the other - both adults lye, probably a man and a woman. All shook le buried in an extended position, on the back. In the four crystals Mogi - head 3 in one - on the NW, the other - on the NE, in one case - in C. It should be noted that the cemetery Keden unlike other cemeteries in the paired Zakho Ronen was no accompanying inventory;
In one grave burial mound 13 Kara-Saz was buried three people: a woman and a child on her back, in the extended position, the head 3, the bone is strongly disturbed and the third floor is not defined. In three cases, the excavated burial mounds of the Tien Shan were buried in a crouched position. These are two of the Zakho Ronen Alamyshyk cemetery - burial mounds 44 and 58. One skeleton was well preserved, lying on her left side, in a sleeping posture, head on 3 stone under his head was "cushion." Another crouched burial (?) Is open for burial mound burial mound 14 Keden. In a relatively small skeleton buried pit of indeterminate age, head oriented to the NW Rowan, the front portion is rotated to the south right arm bent at the elbow and hand lay on his stomach. The skull is immersed bennogo very massive, with thick brow arch mi, massive jaw and part of the occipital bones of hands legs unusually short, with thickened. It creates the impres impression that belonged to a man with a backbone of strong physical disabilities. Unfortunately, there was no accompanying inventory and it seems that this is not the result of a robbery.
Interestingly traced by us in the cemetery Keden the absence in some cases, the skulls buried. Where the burial had been violated and balances ki skeletons were in a strong disorder, the absence of skull and caused no little doubt, as there were many other bones (9 cases). But sometimes the skeletons buried GOVERNMENTAL were in anatomical order, and skulls when they did not (11 cases). The same is observed and rated in one of the paired burial mound 41, both of which were absent in the whole of the skull bone.