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 Flora of Kyrgyzstan includes some 500 species of vertebrates and more than 3,000 species of insects. A variety of natural landscapes of Kyrgyzstan and its territory resident immigrants from Europe, Siberia, Central, South and South-East Asian species has led to a very diverse fauna. On the territory of Kyrgyzstan meet the inhabitants of the deserts and forests, valleys and mountains, steppes and meadows.

 Here you will find 60 species of dragonflies, 86 species of butterflies, 86 species of ants, 33 species of bees, and 250 species of cicadas.

 In Kyrgyz basin, 49 species of live fish. Issyk-Kul is one such fish as chebachok, rudd, carp, carp, trout, Marina, osman, bream and others. Inhabited in the various lakes and ponds carp, bream, crucian carp, barbel, Marina and other fish species. The mountain trout rivers.

 There are 25 species of reptiles, including turtles, lizards and snakes.

 Gray lizard. Lives in underferghana areas, reaches a length of more than one meter. It feeds on beetles, small lizards, young turtles, gerbils, snakes, and sometimes even eat scorpions, phalanges. Happy hunting lizards and are therefore often faced man.These meetings usually end with a sorry for the lizard. The size of this large lizard is small and constant decreases. Included in the International Red Book.


Kyrgyzstansky trekking: round 006
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Activities: Trekking Round
Duration: 9 Days

First day: this day will go to the village Barskoon Jyrgalang in Kyrgyzstan the car. Distance of tour: 150 km. Time of tour: 3-4 hours. The rider you meet the horses. After a dinner during a tour will pass through Kyzylmoinok and to reduce the Valley of the Ram and the Ram River. There are over 7-8 times, and that night of tour Archator Valley in Kyrgyzstan. Because of the distance of about 10 km. Time of tour: 2-3 hours. 19:00 Dinner is submitted.
Second Day: The day starts with an early breakfast at the circle in front of a trekking tour and travel from Archator Kyzyltor and Ashytor Pass (3649 m) and a way to dinner. Here you will meet local people, very kind and hospitable shepherds. We will test the mare milk "kymyz" and that the validity of the Kyrgyz people. Will spend night of tour in tents.
Day 3: 8:00 in the morning was made. The trekking tour and travel at a top, you will be surprised Hills Hana-grasping spirit Pikov Tengry and Pobeda. You can pass Uchkungoi Valley in Kyrgyzstan.
4th day: Trekking tour to the canyon Uchkungoi Echkilitash Saryjaz River. Here you will find beautiful mountain lakes and meadows. The dinner and suddenly is 19:00 tents.
5th Day: The day starts with an early breakfast at the round trekking tour along the river and you will approach Tuz pass (4001 m). O / n at before. Distance of tour: 25-30 km. Time of tour: 5-6 hours. Will spend night of tour in tents.
Day 6: Trekking tour Pass to travel along the river of fire, and suddenly Engilchek. 19:00 Dinner is submitted.
Day 7: 8:00 in the morning was made. In the walking tours - Jailoo (meadows) and mountain lakes where you can see how the glacier Engilchek dinner. Each turn you will see a mountain flowers (edelweiss), which are the pride of our country, and a national flower of Switzerland. Will spend night of tour in tents.
Day 8: Circulation and travel Kaiyndy Dunguromo the rivers and over the shepherds and herdsmen in the yak. Distance of tour: 25-30 km. Time of tour: 5-6 hours. 19:00 Dinner is submitted.
9th day: this day will be a Pass trekking tour around the village of Kuna. Barskoon come back in the afternoon. In order to have a bath. Night of tour you will spend in the private house.

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