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At this stage of investigation we can not bring the fact to explain. Perhaps the impetus to search for this otgadki serve fresh grave in the burial mound 37 Keden, where the skeletons were buried ana tomicheskom order, and the skull lay at some distance from them yanii. When turtles were found on 4-5 cervical vertebrae, suggesting that the artificial separation of the skull bone. The mystery now in time when it was made, at the burial or later during the ar rableniya.
Rarely were buried under the stone heads of the "cushion" - in 6 cases, and 2 cases of chenie appointed as a "cushion" is questionable, since the stones were between the bones of the legs.
Accompanying the equipment in the burials of the Tien Shan is very poor. As elsewhere, constitute the basis for its pottery - 78 cases. The graves were from 1 to 8 vessels. So in 27 graves had one vessel, most often it is pots, but there are also cups, bowls or cups. In the 24 mounds found on the two vessels, eight barrows - 3, in the same eight-to 4 in two - 5, three - to six, and one - 8 vessels. Typological mix of very different things. But for the burial Keden often observed in the combination of the same form, ie, in the graves were two or three identical in shape and size of the vessel. All vessels are fashioned by hand, heavy machine does not meet, to have decorated and painted forms.

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