Victoria, Feedback 

There are magnificent mountains in Kyrgyzstan, the service suffers a little, but I wish them development. But this is not the most important thing! In fact, I advise a trip to Kyrgyzstan. Very beautiful and always warm, there are no winds! I was afraid to go to Kyrgyzstan, but now of course I understand that there is an incredibly beautiful nature!

Peter, Feedback 

Our planet is huge and it is full of places where you can calmly relax and unwind. But if you want an adventure, if you are looking for extreme sports, then I advise you to come to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. These are small, but at the same time astonishingly beautiful countries, where once you want to stay forever. These countries are everywhere enclosed by the highest snow-white mountains on all sides, wherever the mountains stand. Brooks here create from glaciers and the water is ecologically clean. In the same way, the air here is continually fresh and clean. In addition to the mountains there are a lot of different forests, where conifers prevail. Kyrgyzstan is deliberated one of the most beautiful and richest countries in the world, and the Kyrgyz living here are the most welcoming people. But the greatest pride of the Kyrgyz is not mountains, but the sacred lake Issyk Kul. This lake does not freeze in winter and this is one of its features. In Kyrgyzstan, everyone can have an interesting and joyful time. And no one will remain indifferent to this holy land. I advise you to come here!

Tanya, Feedback


My vacation in Kyrgyzstan was truly unimaginable. Wide fields, deep valleys. You can talk about this forever! The most enjoyable and popular holiday for me was Issyk Kul! And this is no accident, because this is the beauty of the waves, the purest healing water, excellent sanatoriums and simply uniqueness. Thank you!

Jane, Feedback

Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan are great countries to relax. In these countries there are a lot of places to reduce. Kyrgyzstan has a great lake Issyk Kul where you can have a great time and swim well. I also liked Son Kul Lake and Sary Chelek. Uzbekistan has amazing Buhara and Samarkand cities. All our desires and preferences were taken into account.


Mehri, Feedback

Kyrgyzstan is a paradise of the Earth. With its amazing vegetation, mountains with snow-capped peaks and green foothills, insanely beautiful gorges and waterfalls, flower meadows and lakes with golden fine sand, you can admire forever! I really liked it! I will come here again!

Alex, Feedback

My friends and I decided to visit Kyrgyzstan. Indeed, nature is unique here, especially the mountains. The weather sometimes let us down, but this is not the most important thing. We liked the cuisine and of course the hospitable people. Thank you for an unforgettable stay!