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We live in a wonderful world, where every corner is full of wonders. Today we will introduce you to the world is one that will surely attract your attention. This Central Asia - a country where dreams are fulfilled. The car rental companies offer the 3 countries that will make you fall in love with Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. You will be able to reach the heavenly mountain with your own car, to the wild places, where there is no internet, mobile or other signs of modern civilization. Place the cleanest lakes, one of which is the Drinking-s, the second largest alpine lake in the world after Titicaca lake in South America. Another beautiful lake the Son-Kul lake located at an altitude of 3016 meters above sea level. The lake is surrounded by beautiful meadows and steppes, where félnomád people. These people are involved in cattle-breeding and summer, from one place to another. There are still many interesting historic places in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. For example, the old lake Iskenderkul. This was named in honor of Alexander the Great, whose name is Iskander-East, that once he passed by the lake. Another great place to Tashrabat caravanserai, whose existence is covered in mysterious legends. One of them, in ancient times was in prison for dangerous criminals. Let rent-a-car and discover all its own!

So you don't waste a second, and write to us. The professionals at our car rental company will explain all, in other words, if the speed. The car rental company a leading organisation in Central Asia, the branches Bishkek Almaty and Dushanbe. I will tell You the possible routes, guesthouse, the local cuisine, the road conditions and the weather. In addition, you can give a list of car rentals to find the best car for yourself. Our cars allows for a comfortable, even at the farthest point of the Central Asia. At the end of the trip, only to return to the car rental Bishkek Almaty and Dushanbe.