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Cars for rent

Cars rental 9  
Car rental 9

Toyota 4Runner
01 day - 110 $
03-06 days - 90 $
07-13 days - 80 $
14-29 days - 70 $
30 and more - 50 $


Toyota Sequoia
01 day - 120 $
03-06 days - 100 $
07-13 days - 90 $
14-29 days - 80 $
30 and more - 60 $


Car for rent Kyrgyzstan 9  
Cars rent 9

Lexus GX470
01 day - 140 $
03-06 days - 120 $
07-13 days - 110 $
14-29 days - 90 $
30 and more - 70 $

Lexus LX470  
01 day - 140 $
03-06 days - 120 $
07-13 days - 110 $
14-29 days - 90 $
30 and more - 70 $

      Dear friends, we are ready to announce you that we can give cars for rent in neighboring countries of Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. We also rent cars in Kyrgyzstan as well.

     You can come to our office in Bishkek to have a look at cars that we give for rent and get acquainted with our services for arranging a perfect tour in Kyrgyzstan. For many years we worked as a travel agent and we understood the need of a good reliable car in order to organize a good tour in Tajikistan. Our managers are very helpful; they can organize everything for you. If you want to come to Almaty and start your tour there we will help you with that. We can bring you the car for rent to Almaty. However this way you will have to pay additional price because all our cars for rent are located in Bishkek. The same goes to Dushanbe. Then you can continue around the country of Tajikistan, and leave the car in Bishkek. Anyway no matter what is your request we will be able to offer you any kind of travel arrangements including transport for self- drive or cars with the driver.

     The only thing we need from is to inform us about your travel dates. This way we will be able to offer the cars which are free and maybe give more discounts if it is not high season. Besides car rental services in Kazakhstan or Tajikistan we can also give discounts for booking hotelsanywhere in these countries as well as for Kyrgyzstan. After making the travel dates fixed we will make preliminary booking of your car for rent. Then we will need copies of your passports and international driving licensees in order to rent a car from us.

     In Kazakhstan and Tajikistan the prices for car rent will be a little higher but still cheaper than other car rent companies. In Kyrgyzstan we will give the most competitive prices for car rent. It is much easier to arrange such a self- drive tour in Kyrgyzstan. However we can give all the necessary information about logistics, places to stay and eat in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. You can consult our managers in Dushanbe and Almaty. Auto rent with us is the best solution to travel in Central Asia! Try and get the best we can offer!

     Good day, dear travellers! It is time of making the presentation of ourselves; we are the car rent company who acts on the cars for rent market. Our company must be prideful to be in the roster of best car rent companies. So many clients are ordinarily relished of operating with us. They ordinarily do best comments about our company and they commend it to their friends, relatives, business partners. The best question from our clients was why we are the best company for cars for rent?! Because of simple conditions on the cars for rent and cheapest costs on auto rent and rapid records writing and certainly posh service. We think your plans are of visiting Central Asian countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. And first you need to look for the auto. Our well cars for rent are assigned for the admirable tour through high Tien Shan Mountains.

     We would like to create the fairytale you with the attendance of Central Asian countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan and their cities such as Bishkek city, Almaty city and Dushanbe city. It is great opportunity of watching remarkable places such as Issyk Kul Lake, magical beauty of Son Kul Lake which and Tash Rabat caravanserai.  We would like to create the fairytale you with the attendance of such sites as Bulunkul, Khoroh, Murgab, Khudjant. 

     The client can deliver the auto back in Bishkek city, or in Dushanbe city or in Almaty city. Our company service made the interest for you so you are welcome to write letter or call. The masters of the company with delight reply you! Picking up the service of our company you choose the fascinating tour!

Rent a car in Dushanbe is an appreciable service to meet your guests or business partners going to visit this country.

A group of well experienced workers of our company is very responsible for the cars they give for rent.

Our car rent managers will provide you with a wide range of cars for you, your company, family and friends.

We can claim that all our cars for rent are in excellent condition and ensure your safety even in the most difficult parts of Kyrgyzstan if you rent a car from us. 

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