Burial mounds

We mentioned earlier that the burial pits of the Tien Shan differ chayutsya narrow dimensions. For placing grave goods, including pottery, especially the natural numbers eral dimensions of the burial pit in the wall niches have been made. In these niches mounds were recorded in 23 cases, always in the northern wall of the pit. In these vessels were close together, sometimes just speaking into the pit, and in some cases - even the bones of his left hand was buried, that we have traced, for example, burial mounds Keden. Niches were in their graves as a wooden or tiled lerekrytiem and without overlap, and under any of the identified types of embankments.
In 112 of the 144 graves in the Tien Shan found skeletons buried varying degrees of preservation. Most prevalent (99) buried single of them lay stretched on his back, his head on the 3 - 52 in NW - 20, at SW - 10, in C - 6, N - 2, the N - 3. Very often there were came down ka bent arm, right or left, and then brush it le sting on his chest, abdomen or pelvic bones. Interestingly the position of the buried in the burial mound 34 Keden: legs were widely spread out, the left knee is bent at an acute angle to the right. A B barrow 44 of the same grave ka lay buried in the "rider attitude" - his legs were spread wide, knees slightly bent. It is difficult to find the explanation to this situation down, but obviously that is not the result of the deceased on his back with legs bent at the knees and then fell that way. In the latter case, it bones of the legs, especially the legs, would be in a different position.