As everyone already knows, Kyrgyzstan is generously endowed with resources of nature, and therefore many tourists want to travel with Kyrgyzstan cars for rent service, exploring them and the rivers of the country. Travels are carried out through the tours with cars rent Kyrgyzstan service during which you will learn much more about the rivers of the area and even see the largest of them. Therefore, in one word, there are a lot of rivers in the territory of Kyrgyzstan, namely, there are about 40,000 of them.

Mountain Rivers, Kyrgyzstan tours. 

To make travel in the country with Kyrgyzstan cars for rent service, to make river exploration understandable and interesting for every tourist, we will try to acquaint you a little with the most basic rivers of the country, talking about them in short. And so the tour of Kyrgyzstan will let you understand that the rivers are unique and different in their own way, for example, its formation. Because some of the rivers that travelers see during the tour were formed due to the melting of glaciers, some were formed due to heavy precipitation. By the way, even by cars rent Kyrgyzstan service it is still impossible to get to some rivers of the territory due to their high-mountainous and inaccessible location. Tourists traveling with Kyrgyzstan cars for rent service already understand that some rivers of the country are very suitable for rafting, so they ask managers to include them in the tour program.

The most famous and longest river formed by the confluence of two rivers, the Big and Small Naryn, is called the Naryn River with a length of 535 km. Studying the Naryn River, one can understand that the confluence of the two rivers organize the branches of At Bashi and Kekemeren, going to the Toktogul reservoir. During the tour with cars rent Kyrgyzstan service, travelers discover another famous river of the country in the form of the Talas River. An important historical event took place on the banks of this river in 751 when the Chinese were defeated, which led to the end of the Western Expansion. During the tour, going to the north of Kyrgyzstan, foreigners can see the Chui River, which flows along the Boom Gorge. Another important and popular river is the Sary Jaz, flowing on the famous Khan Tengri ridge. By the way, in 2003, there were good plans to build a bridge on the territory of the river, but the idea did not come true. In the list of significant rivers of Kyrgyzstan called Chatkal, which can be seen during the tour with Kyrgyzstan cars for rent service, is located in the west of the Tien Shan Mountains, occupying 120 km of the Chandalash ridge.