Manas architectural complex

Visitors seeking for tours and car rentals believe the Manas complex to be one of Kyrgyzstan's historically significant sites. There are 22 kilometers between Talas and Tash-Aryk.

Around 2.25 square kilometers of land make up the "Manas-Ordo" complex. Renting a car in Kyrgyzstan on a tour is a wonderful choice because passengers will be viewing the complex erected in honor of the hero Manas. Kyrgyzstan's gumbez is regarded the country's heritage.

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It was built around 1334, according to one account, and it was built for the burial of the emir Abuka's daughter, according to another. Balbals, stone warriors, were stationed around the property's perimeter to keep a watch on it. With our car rental service, you may take a tour of Kyrgyzstan and see the country's most beautiful attractions.