Dungan site of holy spirit

Visitors into Kyrgyzstan can visit the Dungan Mosque and walk about the grounds at any time during their tour. The history of the mosque piques the interest of the border guards, who believe it merits more investigation.

As a result, Chinese immigrants began arriving in Kyrgyzstan, where you are currently on your national tour, in 1877. They created a community almost immediately after their arrival. These individuals decided to invite architect Chjou Siy in 1907. The construction of the mosque and its supplies began with his assistance and that of another 20 people. As a result, they were able to build a structure entirely without using nails.

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Visitors to Kyrgyzstan may now rent a car and visit the mosque whenever they like. If you rent a car in Kyrgyzstan, you could discover about the importance of a building's colors. Among the colors to look for are red, which signifies protection from evil spirits, yellow, which denotes wealth, and green, which denotes joy.

During the Soviet Union's reign, religion and visits to religious places were prohibited. The majority of it happened throughout the twentieth century. When World War II ended, Muslims made a substantial financial contribution. Officials were also able to inspect it. For the time being, you'll need to rent a car in Kyrgyzstan to see Karakol and the Dungan Mosque on a tour.