Burana obelisk

One of the first things visitors to Kyrgyzstan notice is the Burana Tower. It can only be visited by car rental on a tour due to its location in the Chui valley, approximately 60 kilometers from Bishkek. According to our research, the Balasagun architectural complex is a historic monument. The country's historic capital. During the Middle Ages, however, it became extinct. If you rent a car in Kyrgyzstan, you can do the same tour. It is 45 meters tall and was built in the 11th century, according to folklore. Following Genghis Khan's invasion in the 13th century, the minaret was damaged as a result of his and his men's deeds. Then it vanished from the landscape in the 15th century. In the 18th century, Soviet Union explorers unearthed and refurbished the ship. All of the information they discovered was given to the Bishkek Historical Museum. Take a Kyrgyzstan tour and rent a car while you're here. 


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