Central Asia Tours. 

Welcome to Central Asia! Open new opportunities of the Great Silk Road!

Tours along the Great Silk Road are a long journey filled with many interesting and fascinating places that caravans with Silk and jewelry once went to. During your tour you will visit Kyrgyzstan with the most beautiful mountains, the path to which is accessible even to the most unprepared people. Surrounded by mountains, you will enjoy the picturesque lakes of Kazakhstan. In Uzbekistan, you will see the wealth of architecture, whose age is more than several hundred years, and some buildings and more than a thousand years, many bright ornaments, buildings and palaces, in which the history of entire peoples was celebrated. Tajikistan will delight you with ancient structures and the great Pamir mountains that are visible after kilometers. In Turkmenistan, you will meet not only hospitable people, but also sights made of white marble. Tours along Silk Road will inspire everyone!

An excellent tour of Central Asia and the brightest impressions - that's what you should choose this trip for!


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