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The nomadic way of life prescribe many traditions preserved and followed by people even nowadays.

Nomads have many thrilling legends, myths, songs, stories and customs that are linked with Kambar-ata who is the mystical lord of horses. One of them is a tradition named "Atka mingizuu" literally meaning "to put on a horse". A father teaches his son at the age of 3-4 years on a horse and stretches him the rein for the first time. After this the most respectful elder man of the clan takes reins and produces to lead the horse with the child along ail the village. In the honor of overriding this ritual parents found a merry party. Aksakals (elder people) give their blessing s. Back in a days it was one of the most noteworthy traditions in Kyrgyzstan. 


The next most imperative Muslim rituals is "balany oturguzuu" or ritual of circumcision.
It is a big celebration for Kyrgyz families. When a boy is 3-5 year old he must go through this rite. All families and friends are asked to participate in this ceremony. Infrequently the festivity with a lot of food lasts for a few days; guests play countrywide games such as ulak tartysh (goat goal), at chabysh (horse races), oodarysh (wrestling on a back of a horse), etc. Invited guests usually bring offerings for the boy. The most respected gift is a horse it may cost around 1,5 thousand USD. Even today it is one of the returns of transport in rural areas.

People from Kyrgyzstan think that the destiny of a child in many conditions may depend on his name. That is why parents try to choose for their child such a name with a lovely meaning. This tradition was adopted from Islam religion. The start of ritual is accompanied by azan, a ritual Muslim beseeching.  A man turns to the west and speaks out three times "Allah Akbar!" and then the name of a baby. This traditional is done to inform people about new person who came into our world. The celebration is very cheerful. The guests sincerely acknowledge parents and wish that the name will bring the child only cheerfulness and luck.

Birth of a child for Kyrgyz, like for any other nationalities is real happiness and the greatest celebration. After giving name to a child there comes another tradition named "beshik toi" or cradle celebration. Parents cook a lot of food. During the festivity people sing songs, play games and have a lot of fun. Rendering to the tradition parents from the mother's side should make a baby cradle. A support is smoked with juniper to chase away bad spirits. The grandmothers put small sheep importance bones on the lowest of the cradle. They say praying and give blessings while doing that. Then they cover the cradle with attractive blankets and covers. Then the cradle is given to the mother of a child. She goes with it and bows to all guests stating her appreciation.

From ancient times the Kyrgyz people valued wishes and consecrations given by elder people. Blessing usually encourage people and give them more hope and energy. Usually the infants and adolescents are given blesses by appreciated elderly. Blessings are given for a good start of new business.



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