Kyrgyzstan tours, Car rent in Kyrgyzstan

The Great Silk Road is one of the most important achievements in human's history that as it established networks of caravan roads connecting the Western world with the Eastern. During the tours along the routes of Silk Road, you will learn how this moving market with different languages hustled with activity and served a dialogue between the cultures, while exchanging silk, paper, precious stones, spices, dyes, and many others from China to Mediterranean world. On this web-page we offer you to travel along the five beautiful countries of Central Asia, which were part of the legendary caravan route. They are KyrgyzstanTajikistanUzbekistanTurkmenistan and Kazakhstan.

During your travel in Kyrgyzstan be prepared to overcome high passes, enjoy magnificent views of the mountains, breathe fresh air, swim in the largest alpine lake, Issyk Kul and learn the traditions of nomads. This country will allow you to explore it on your own by suing our cars for rent.  

Tajikistan will amaze you with exceptional culture of the people, dramatic views of Pamir highway and ancient sites in Penjakent, Khujand and Istaravshan. There is a chance to rent a car in Tajikistan, too.

Uzbekistan will expose the best examples of medieval architecture, when you visit legendary cities like Samarkand, Shakhrisabz, Bukhara and Khiva. You can also learn different crafts and enjoy different shows and festivals.

Kazakhstan's national parks like Altyn Emel, Charyn, Kolsai and Kaindy will present untouched nature and amazing views. During your tour in Almaty you will visit historical sites with interesting backgrounds.   

 Mysterious Turkmenistan has a lot to offer including its amazing gas crater, called Darwaza and ancient cities of Mary, Merv, Kunya Urgench, ruins of Nisa and the most marble city of the world, Ashgabat.

Sign up for our tours or send your request and we will design a tour of your dream including all the places that you would like to discover in the countries along the Great Silk Road. Besides offering you private, custom-made tours, we recommend to use our car rent services also provided on a high level.